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For fun, I have decided to write pass in Python.

Python-pass will provide the same functionality as pass. In addition, it will be usable as a library.


Python-pass is tested for python 2.7, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, pypy and pypy3

On your machine

  • Install the requirements: sudo apt-get install -y gnupg tree
  • Import the testing GPG key: gpg --allow-secret-key-import --import pypass/tests/test_key_sec.asc
  • Trust the key: gpg --import-ownertrust pypass/tests/test_ownertrust.txt
  • Run the tests: tox

With Docker

  • Run the tests in a container: make test
  • Or, get a shell with pypass installed: make run


Documentation for python-pass is available on

You can build the documentation and the man page yourself with tox -edocs. The HTML documentation will be built in docs/build/html and the man page will be built in docs/build/man.

Project Status

Bash completion

Comming soon.

pypass init

  • [X] pypass init - creates a folder and a .gpg-id file
  • [X] Support --path option
  • [ ] re-encryption functionality
  • [X] Should output: Password store initialized for [gpg-id].
  • [X] --clone <url> allows to init from an existing repo

pypass insert

  • [X] pypass insert prompts for a password and creates a file
  • [X] multi-line support
  • [X] create a git commit
  • [ ] When inserting in a folder with a .gpg-id file, insert should use the .gpg-id file’s key

pypass show

  • [X] pypass show will display the content of

  • [X] --clip, -c copies the first line to the clipboard

  • [ ] --password, and --username options.

    Accepted format:

    login: <the_login>
    url: <the_url>

pypass connect (or ssh)

This new command should connect to a server using an encrypted rsa key.

pypass ls

  • [X] pypass ls shows the content of the password store with tree
  • [X] pypass invokes pypass ls by default
  • [X] pypass ls subfolder calls tree on the subfolder only
  • [X] Hide .gpg at the end of each entry
  • [X] Accept subfolder argument
  • [X] First output line should be Password Store

pypass rm

  • [X] pypass rm removes the file
  • [ ] pypass remove and pypass delete aliases
  • [X] pypass rm -r folder (or --recursive) will remove a folder and all of it’s content (not interactive!)
  • [X] Ask for confirmation

pypass find

  • [X] pypass find pypass will show a tree with password entries that match or pass
  • [X] Accepts one or many search terms

pypass cp

  • [X] pypass cp old-path new-pah copies a password to a new path
  • [ ] Dont overwrite

pypass mv

  • [X] pypass mv old-path new-path moves a password to a new path
  • [ ] Dont overwrite

pypass git

  • [X] Pass commands to git
  • [X] pypass git init should behave differently with an existing password store
  • [X] Add tests

pypass edit

  • [X] pypass edit will open a text editor and let you edit the password

pypass grep

  • [X] pypass grep searchstring will search for the given string inside all of the encrypted passwords

pypass generate

  • [ ] pypass generate [pass-name] [pass-length] Genrates a new password using of length pass-length and inserts it into pass-name.
  • [ ] --no-symbols, -n
  • [ ] --clip, -c
  • [ ] --in-place, -i
  • [ ] --force, -f